Dominos asked singles what their idea of a great first date would be- this is what they came up with- do you agree?

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

A casual drink in a bar- It does exactly what it says on the tin- keeps things casual- so there's no pressure, which will hopefully ease the first date nerves.

Romantic meal- You can learn what each other likes to eat and drink as well as talk face to face- it's a great tool for effective communication and gaining knowledge about one another.

Cinema- You can gauge if you have similar tastes in movies or not. Plus there is always the opportunity to have a little snuggle in the back row.

A picnic- It's cheap and cheerful if you are strapped for cash and you can highlight your cooking skills to impress your date or confess that you don't have any and laugh over you efforts.

Bowling- There's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition to encourage some banter between you both.

A gig- An opportunity to share your joint passions and talk about your common interests.

Museum- You can learn things about each other as well as what's in the exhibits too and figure out if this is something you can do again.

Theme Park- There's nothing that brings two people together like being scared- so if you go on all the big rides together this will help you to bond.

Wine tasting- Getting a little bit tipsy together will only help you to let your guard down and avoid the nervous laughter and silences.

Mini golf- Another chance to go head to head against each other to establish if your date is the competitive type or not. Also a way to decide who buys dinner!

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