The day and month of your first date- So you might not remember the day you first met, especially if you started out as friends first and your relationship was a slow burner but your first date should be etched in your mind. All the stress of finding an outfit, picking somewhere to go, deciding who paid and agonising about whether you'd missed any hairs shaving- it's hard to forget when you think about it.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Your engagement day- The day he asked the question is a biggie. Although once you're married you might not celebrate your engagement anniversary- it's important to acknowledge it in some way when it comes around.

Your wedding day- Many couples manage to forget one of the biggest days of their lives when it comes around every year after that. If you insist on dropping the day you first got together and your engagement day then it's not a lot to ask to buy a card and a gift to mark the day you committed the rest of your lives to each other.

Your partner's birthday- If you don't keep track, you may miss a big zero milestone and it would take a lot of begging and favours to redeem yourself if you were to let that one pass you by. If you struggle to remember it each year then use your phone reminders wisely.

Your loved one's age- You must never reveal it to anyone else but it's important that you know it. In the great scheme of things, there are not many numbers to remember about your partner and your relationship- but if you are forgetful- write it in your diary next to their birthday.

Your SO's size- If you want to buy them a clothing gift for their birthday or Christmas, you need to know what size they are so you don't have to spend the time afterwards exchanging everything. Similarly you need to know your partner's shoe size for the purpose of sock stocking fillers. On the flip side if they ever want to buy you lingerie, they should know your dimensions so they can surprise you with a naughty gift.

Your partner's phone number- Even though you rely on your phone to do the hard work for you- if you don't have it written down anywhere and you can't remember it- how are you supposed to get in touch with them in the case of an emergency? It's all well and good knowing their works number but what if they are away from their desk?

How long you've been together- Days and months might be a bit much but you should know the years you've been an item for- this is a commonly asked question and if you mess it up it may put you in the dog house!

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