has found that more people are signing up for the online dating service since the schools have gone back. With the focus a little less on the kids now they have gone back to their classes and more free time to think about their love life, singles are flocking to find a date.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Sarah Beeny, TV personality and founder of commented:

“Whether you are a parent or not, ‘back to school’ week definitely represents a turning point in the year. The summer is over, wedding season is finished, and people start thinking about snuggling up in front of a pub fire. It is the perfect time to get online and look for someone to cosy up with this autumn.”

Duncan, a member from Manchester commented:

“I’ve been using the site on and off for two years now, and I definitely get more interest from potential daters in the autumn and winter months. Maybe it helps that I am skiing in some of my pictures, maybe I suit the cold weather! I think as the evenings start drawing in, people naturally start thinking more about dating, and meeting someone to spend those long nights with.“

Last year saw the same surge around this time, however, this time around it more than doubled- so people are really feeling the urge to find a partner to go to Christmas parties with during the colder months.

Sarah Beeny, TV personality and founder of commented:

“This year has been a hugely exciting time for, and with a surge of new members joining in time for autumn, we’ve got hotties aplenty. Get online and check them out today!”

Really school is a lot like dating in terms of its expectations- so why not think back and remember what you learned from your teachers and apply in on your date!

Sarah Beeny’s Back to School dating tips

Wear a killer outfit

Appearances are not everything but on a first date, you should make an effort- wear and outfit that shows you have taken some time out to think about what you put on your back and make your first impression count!

Don’t be late

This is one of the things to definitely avoid on a first date- it gives the impression that you might be blowing them off- get there on time- even if you are super early- it’s better than being uncomfortably late.

No phones on the table

Put it on silent in your bag- there is nothing ruder than a date who has their attention firmly fixed on their phone and not you.

Do your homework

Check out their likes- such as a band or a movie- if you know a bit about it, it shows you have an interest in their interests- you never know you might end up sharing the love!

Stay active

Try something active- it gets those endorphins going and if the conversation is a little dry to begin with it can help fill the silence.

History is boring

Try not avoid the monologue about your past- no date wants to think about your past they want to focus on the here and now and the possible future.