Paym has found that 66% of women want to 'go Dutch' on a first date, so we take a look at the possible reasons why.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It's rude to presume anything- If you've not discussed who will pay for what beforehand it's not right if you think your date is going to automatically pick up the check. 

You're both earning- If you both work and earn a wage, then why not split it? It's only fair.

It shows you're not old fashioned- Gone are the days where the guy pays for everything- if you can pay your way it shows that you don't hold dated views on romance.

You can order as little or as much as you want- If you're paying for your share- you pay for what you eat and drink whether that's a little or a lot- you know what you're accountable for when you place your order.

It takes the pressure off- If your date really wants to take you out, or vice versa but can't afford to pay for both of you- you can still enjoy a night together without one of you breaking the bank.

It sets the tone for your future dates- If you split the bill on a first date; chances are on subsequent ones you will do the same. You both know where you stand and if one of you feels like treating the other- you can- but it's not assumed.

It shows that you're not just out to get free stuff- Some people may see a first date as a chance to get free food and drink even if they're not serious about their date. Splitting the bills shows that the food is really an afterthought. You're there to get to know them- that's the whole point.

It takes the awkwardness away- When the bill comes- it can be a little uncomfortable if you don't know who's paying for what. If you split it 50/50 or pay for what you've ordered it prevents money being an awkward topic.

It leaves you both some money for more dates- If one of you is spent up because you've paid for everything, it may hinder your chances of another date in future. This way you can have regular meet ups if you feel it's going well because it drives individual costs down.

It can be an indicator of what you'll be like in a long term relationship- It demonstrates that you are both willing to pay your way towards bills and not rely too heavily on a partner to pay for the majority or all of your joint outgoings.

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