It’s the work’s Christmas party, the drinks are flowing and you’re feeling confident. You’ve had your eye on that one colleague and now is your chance to pounce.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Does this sound like you? Then you’re part of the one in seven who are planning to make a move on their colleague at this year’s Christmas party. quizzed the British public on their work Christmas party habits and found that 81 per cent of employees would be attending their Christmas party.

Out of that 81 per cent, 15 per cent said they were going in the hope that they would pull a colleague that they had a fancy for.

Of those who planned on having a festive flirt with a colleague, 53 per cent expected to be rejected by the colleague in question.

What’s more, two thirds, 65 per cent, claimed that the colleague that they fancied had ‘no idea’ how they felt about them.

Just over a quarter of the office workers taking part claimed that they’d be using the office Christmas party as an opportunity to ‘have a go’ at their boss; whilst a cheekier 6 per cent claimed they’d ask their boss for a promotion at their office do.

When asked if they’d be drinking alcohol at their office party, 79 per cent of the respondents said ‘yes’.

Furthermore, when asked if they’d ever felt embarrassed by their actions at an office party in the past, just over half of the office workers taking part said ‘yes’.

George Charles of said, “Tis the season to be flirty indeed, and it seems that many office workers intend to use the frivolities of the annual Christmas party this year to declare their undying love for an unsuspecting colleague.

“Whilst this is probably a bad idea, particularly if alcohol is involved, we’d like to remind these people that many offices have rules in place about inter-office relations; so think before you find yourself declaring your love for the whole office to hear!

“As for those who plan to have a go at their boss this year, we’d highly recommend they change their plans. Alcohol fuelled rants may seem like a good idea at the time, but this is rarely the case; particularly when you have to walk in to work to face the music the next day!”

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