Was your first kiss good or bad?

Was your first kiss good or bad?

Tomorrow is National Kissing Day- and even into our adulthood we are still tough on others when it comes to this sign of affection, according to MySingleFriend.com. A massive 87% who have a poor first kiss would think twice about dating the offender- most of whom are women.

Only a small percentage of women would forget and forgive if their first lip lock was bad, where men were a little more generous, making allowances for nerves and unpractised technique with one another.  

Both men and women are boastful when it comes to their own kissing skills- blaming the other person for a lack of compatibility on the kiss-o-meter scale.

When it comes to kissing turn offs- unsurprisingly bad breath topped the list, closely followed by too much tongue. A half arsed kiss was also a repellent when it came to smooching- the feeling of boring their partner was not good for self-esteem. kissing with eyes open is rare and can be a bit off putting for the one being stared at- as if the pressure was not on enough- being watched makes it much worse! Finally an aggressive technique can also put a damper on things- it says that either the person has not been kissed in a really long time and that they are desperate to get you into bed rather than savouring the moment.

There have been some epic kissing fails for celebrities too:

Orlando Bloom – Pirates of the Caribbean star Keira Knightley was asked which of her co-stars we better kissers, she answered, ‘Johnny Depp certainly wasn’t bad.’ Bad times Bloom!

Jason Segel – Apparently Jason’s ‘How I Met Your Mother’ co-star, Alyson Hannigan was really put off by his smoker breath when kissing him that she was forced to leave the show.

Emma Watson – We think that she can do no wrong but  Daniel Radcliffe once said that she can be a bit of an animal’ when she kisses.

Andy Jordan – The Made in Chelsea star, has got the unfortunate reputation of being a bad kisser according to his co-stars Jamie Laing and Lucy Watson.

Back in 2008, Twilight actor Robert Pattinson admitted that he as a bad kisser. However, with all the on-screen kissing that he has done by now- we think he might have improved in that department.

Sarah Beeny, TV personality and founder of MySingleFriend.com commented:

“Clearly, UK daters put a lot of impetus on first kisses but I’m surprised so many people would potentially dismiss someone if there were no first kiss fireworks. There can so much pressure put upon that initial kiss that you forget to enjoy it. Don’t let a few nerves get in the way. As I always say, practice makes perfect. The fact that so many people rated their own kissing skills seems to suggest that they would blame any ‘bad’ first kisses on the other party and potentially dismiss them! First kisses are inevitably awkward but confidence and persistence means that after a few attempts and a bit of Dutch courage everyone ends up enjoying a cheeky snog on a date!’

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