Kissing on the first date has long been the struggle of daters since dating came into existence. If you kiss you’re not playing it cool, but if you don’t you’re not into them, right? Wrong. There’s no formula to finding love, just like there’s no single answer as to whether you should seal your date with a kiss or not. If it feels right there’s no reason why you shouldn’t- you’re not promising to marry them! Sex and relationships expert, Tami Rose, talks us through some of the reasons why it’s okay to kiss on the first date.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It means you have chemistry

Good first dates, for many, can be few and far between. If you feel like you’ve found someone you have a connection with and want to kiss, that’s great news! If they feel the same, go for it as it’s an obvious sign that you’re into each other. Chemistry should be the deciding factor when it comes to whether you choose to pucker up or hold off for a little further down the line.

It’s no longer taboo

Where it was previously frowned upon, it’s no longer so taboo to kiss on a first date. With feminism gaining media traction, women are more free than ever to express what they want- including their dating decisions. Where previously it could be seen as looking too forward, nowadays puckering up at the end of your date is more than acceptable. However, Tami suggests looking out for signs that your date is genuine before going in for the kiss. If you get the impression they are good at playing the dating game or are a little too smooth for their own good, it might be worth making sure you are going in with your eyes open to ensure you won’t be left heartbroken.

It’s a sign you probably want to see each other again

If you’re looking for a sign that your date enjoyed their time with you and fancy you, then there’s no clearer sign than if they lean if for a kiss at the end. If you like them to the same extent then go for it! It can sometimes pay off to take a leap of faith and put your feelings out there, if you like each other why bother to waste time playing games?

A kiss can be the decider as to whether there’s a second date

The date could have been perfect, a candlelit dinner followed by drinks or a bike ride through a park, and you are getting along well. But your date nears its end and upon arriving to your door you both lean in for a kiss...and you realise after that there isn’t the spark you expected. Either that, or you see fireworks and instantly imagine your life together! It is unfortunately true that a kiss can either make or break the beginning of a relationship and it's a good way to gauge your initial feelings- but make sure not to lead them on if you don’t see it going any further.

Because you want to

Because why not?! In this day and age, if you want to kiss them and they want to kiss you, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn't. Take it as a sign that your date has gone well- but don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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