Today is National Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day, so we thought we would remind you just what you have to put with if you're in love with someone who wears specs. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

3D Movies are not much fun- They have to put their 3D specs on top of their normal glasses, which is a bit of an arse. No back seat smooches for you. 

They've tried and failed at contacts- They gave them a go, but after all the fuss of infections and the amount of stuff needed to wear them- they gave up and went back their tried and trusted spectacles. And you're a little bit thankful- the green goo in their eyes of a morning was not the most attractive of looks. 

If it's hot out- And they get a little face sweat- they go from sexy secretary to clammy co-worker in a matter of minutes.

Kissing can be interesting- The glasses often poke you in the eye mid-snog thus ruining the moment for you both.

They can't function without them- They can't do ANYTHING if they lose them, your lover is house bound until the little blighters turn up again.

They have tools with them at all times if they break- Namely a little screwdriver for when the teeny tiny screws decide that they no longer want to keep their s**t together.

You've fantasised about them using their glasses as part of role play- Or perhaps your partner has fulfilled this wish already- either way- they look hot when they peek over the top of their frames.

When they buy new ones- It can take hours. They pick ones they like at the beginning of the day, try on every other set of frames in the shop and opt for the originals. It happens every time- but you have to follow them around while they try on all the same making appropriate noises.

Theme park dates are like a trip to the airport- They have to unload everything, including glasses before they can get on board or they might end up in the safety net and your fun day turns into a done day.

If it's their turn to cook- They often blame the disaster they serve up on their inablity to see the dish because their lenses got all fogged up. Yeah right. 

They never clean their glasses- From time to time you realise you can't see their eyes through the layers of anti-perspirant residue, finger prints and bits of food and so offer to clean them. They always rejoice 'I can see again' afterwards. It makes you cautious about getting in the car with them once the grime has had a chance to rebuild.

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