As it's National Microwave Oven Day, we thought we would shine a light on the couples who couldn't live without one in their kitchen. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You developed your love for it early in your relationship- When you had nothing in your joint home but a microwave and a mattress- it saved you from starvation and you will be forever grateful.

When you go shopping- You look for the little symbol that effectively means 'no effort needed' on everything you buy and your basket is always piled high with convenience items.

There's no greater sound- Than the 'ding' of the bell to let your know your food is ready.

The hum of the plate going round and round- Makes your mouth water as soon as it sets off on its journey, teasing you through the little window.

When couples suggest you cook together for FUN- You both look at each other and laugh- what's the actual point when you can cook it and have it in your belly in a matter of minutes?

When both of your dinners don't fit in the microwave- You flip a coin as to who gets to dig in first.

You have mastered the art of timing- You call your partner up at the exact time you want something putting in to heat so that it'll be ready as soon as you set foot through the door.

You've been known to stand and watch the timer together- Waiting patiently for the numbers to go down because you are so hungry while making awkward conversation in the hope it will make time go faster.

You get angry when something explodes in there- Because you have to clean it out and it means it's out of action for a little while.

When it breaks- There's a moment of panic in your home until you go out and pick another together because- well- what will you eat?

You have a microwave meal for every occasion- The weekend- a mock take away, when one of you is sad- some sort of warm chocolate pudding, when you have no time- micro-chips and when you have time for breakfast together- beans on toast it is!

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