Anniversaries are always special, as a reminder of when you got together with your significant other (SO), or when you got married, it’s always nice to commemorate this day each year with the person you love.

An anniversary is a special time, celebrate it!

An anniversary is a special time, celebrate it!

Celebrating this special day doesn’t have to cost the earth, though many people may think it does and go for expensive gifts. While there is nothing wrong with that, sometimes it might be nice to get back to basics, save some money, and enjoy your day together.

As my own anniversary gets closer, I wanted to think of some affordable ways to make my partner feel special, even with less choice of where to go and things to do (due to Coronavirus) – he works exceptionally hard, so here are some ways I, and you at home, can treat our SO.


While a simple idea on paper, that is the beauty of it! A picnic is easy to make, with only a few things needed from the shops. All that is needed is your partner’s favourite sandwich fillings, even if that filling is a little gross (my partner likes cheese puff sandwiches with butter…), and either wrap it up for them before they see you, or do it together.

The surprise element can work really well as your SO will more than likely be delighted to leave the house for a bit and spend a little time outside with you.

Making a picnic together can be a lot more fun than you think, and the idea of going out and eating lunch on the grass or on a bench after a short walk from your house is lovely.

Aside from the outside air, this date idea is perfect for an anniversary on a budget and works as a surprise or a date to create together, the simplicity of this leads to an enjoyable date and a way to spend your special day together without worrying about costs, where to go and whether or not you need to make a booking anywhere.

If you have your own garden then perhaps hang some fairy lights and if you can, light a fire and have a drink and enjoy your picnic in your own little bubble. If not, a park date during the day is also wonderful, as you can take beautiful bright photos and maybe have a go cloud-gazing.

Do something for your SO that they might not do for themselves

This idea may seem odd, but it’s such a wonderful way to focus the day on your SO. In my experience, my partner works very hard and gets little time to himself to do the things he enjoys, so setting up his favourite game or a show he may never get to watch up for when he gets home is a way to show him I’ve been thinking about him.

For an anniversary however, this idea is still applicable – but maybe bump it up a notch. While your SO is occupied, sneak in a wash of his/her work clothes as they may not get time if they work late, take the time to wash up their favourite mug and make them a drink in it, or even draw them a lovely hot bath.

Your partner may not get time to do even the simplest things for themselves due to work or other commitments, so for you to use your special day to treat them will surely delight them. This also works for you in the way that if they are happy, you both will be.

What is so wonderful about this idea, is that it is absolutely limitless. It all depends on your partner and how they get to spend their time. Every couple is different, and doing things specific to your partner can be a great way to lift their spirits.

Even something so simple as cooking them a meal, and it doesn’t even have to be something big or extravagant – my partner loves turkey dinosaurs and smiley faces (as do I), so eating that on the couch with a good film? Priceless.

Learning something new in the kitchen

While baking or cooking in the kitchen is something many couples do all year round, why not change it up a bit?

For your anniversary, why not try baking, but baking something a little different! Instead of the regular cookies or cake, why not try making Macarons, a fluffy Japanese cheesecake, or brandy snaps! All these things are cost-effective, and challenge you as a couple to either make something really tasty together, or even try reading the recipe separately and having a competition.

Doing something that can be done at any time, but with an added twist is what makes it special for you as a couple. It’s a great way to do something you both enjoy but with a challenge or aim to make the perfect Macaron when you’ve never had a go at making them before.

Whether you surprise your SO with the ingredients when they get up, or you both decide on it together, this is a budget-happy way to do something a little different – and perhaps very messy!


Movie night

Everyone loves films right? My partner and myself certainly do. But just sitting down on the couch and putting on a film doesn’t quite scream anniversary does it? Well, now is as good of a time as any to spruce up your movie nights.

This date idea is definitely suited to a surprise, so while your partner is at work or while they’re in the shower/bath, try to get your living room (or wherever movie night is) spick and span. Make sure to run to the shop, and pick up a few cheap snacks and a couple drinks, don’t forget to select your SO’s favourite!

Next, get Netflix or Disney+ going, or if you don’t have those just grab a DVD and get it ready to watch for when your partner arrives. Lay your chosen food and drink items on the table, or even place your duvet on the floor and grab a blanket to make it a little different. Make sure to light a candle or two and turn down the lights to create the perfect cosy evening.

This is such a wonderful way to make your partner feel special, and if you select a new release they’ve been dying to watch, more brownie points for you!

Written by Melissa Allen, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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