A recent study has found the ten things couples most look forward to when the nights become darker and the weather turns and it's pretty clear why they are so popular.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Cosy nights in- There's nothing quite like snuggling up under a duvet in bed or on the couch while the weather is wild outside. You, your partner, a good movie and toasty toes is all you need to make your night complete.

Comfort food- A hearty meal of carbs makes you want to curl up and take a nap together after you're done. Nothing can compare to a home cooked dish that you've made and enjoyed together, while lapping up the heat from the oven and the stove.

Open fires- You may be lucky enough to have one in your home or in the local pub you frequent. There's no need for conversation, sitting quietly together while watching the bubbling embers is enough.

Hot baths and fluffy cotton towels- A long hot soak in the tub with your beloved is a great way to unwind after a gruelling day at work. Then you can wrap each other up afterwards and take yourselves to bed.

Relaxing at home- Most of your invites will come nearer to Christmas and winter time so autumn is fairly quiet on the socialising front. This leaves you both to catch up on overdue boxsets, try out new recipes together and have early nights to simply enjoy each other. Bliss.

Snow- Watching falling snow from the warmth of your own home is undoubtedly romantic. If you feel daring, popping on your winter warmers and building a snowman is something fun for you to do together.

Wearing comfortable loungewear- When at home you can wear pyjamas or your slouchiest clothes because no one will ever know. Comfort is key here and neither of you judge because you are both guilty of whipping off your work clothes for something slacker as soon as you set a foot through the door.

Accessories- You know your partner's pretty cute in his scarf, hat and gloves combo. He tells you the same- you look very sweet walking around all bundled up, hand in hand and you know it!

Fresh cotton bedding- It's time to fulfil your yearly ritual of purchasing a new Christmas duvet set to get you in the mood for the upcoming festivities. The very first time you get under your new covers together is as exhilarating as freshly laundered bedding and then some.

Fresh pyjamas- The Christmas pjs come out of hiding as your excitement for the festive period begins to show in your attire. You enjoy how he looks in his, as he does you in yours, but you enjoy each other much more out of them- they're just the wrapping on the early Christmas present!


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