2020 has affected us all, whether we’re in a relationship or not. During this time, some couples were lucky enough to power through the lockdown in March with one another, and as it seems we will be facing yet another lockdown very soon- some couples may again be getting some extra time together. As this is good news in the sense that working couples now get time to do more things together, spending almost every minute of every day together may get a little jarring. So here are a few ways in which you can get through this second lockdown with your significant other.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Sharing Hobbies

Not every couple shares every interest, in fact that it can be rather rare – but taking an interest in your partner’s interests and hobbies can go a long way in not only making your significant other (SO) happy, but you may discover a new hobby you wish to try on your own. My first lockdown experience with my SO (aside from the awful news at the time) was rather lovely, as he works a lot so to get to spend more time together and for him to be able to spend more time at home to relax was wonderful. We were however living in a small flat at the time so there was not a lot of space for us to have time to ourselves once we’d gotten used to being at home together all the time. As time goes on you may run out of fun things to do like we did, but doing different activities worked like a charm – my partner enjoys gaming, films such as Marvel and DC films and many TV shows, and as I also enjoy these things I sometimes prefer to play a game of UNO or Monopoly or read a book to pass the time, as looking at a TV all day can get a little boring.

Bonding together

We split the time between the TV, playing card/board games and taking time apart to do our own thing, so I would read a book while my SO would play a game he enjoyed. This is vital, to try not to do the same things every day, and to mix it up so even if you do watch TV all week, at least you’ve taken time to do something that invites more bonding and talking together. Even simple things such as baking or making your own pizzas together to have a bit of a contest as to whose is better is such a good way to enjoy being at home – until it’s time to wash up!

Time apart, together

Spending time together when you usually don’t get to is amazing, as you tend to miss your SO when you, them, or both of you are working. However, spending time apart together is also rather important – this can mean while they are watching something maybe only they enjoy, or playing a video game on the couch, you can be reading or playing your own game on a handheld device, this way you are both spending time together, but doing separate things. This allows you both to have a little ‘me time’, but if you do not enjoy the game or show they are playing or watching, you can still be around while doing something that’s more your thing. This can also serve as a routine, where you both have a little alone time, then settle down at the end of the day with a pizza and some snacks to watch a film or TV show together, so you both know that you’ll be doing something together in the day.

Outdoors is important

As we come closer to a second lockdown, getting out together may be more difficult. However, if you live close to a park, or have a dog to take out then these things are perfect for couples to do together. Staying safely away from others is important, that goes without saying, but being outside to get a little fresh air and take in the scenery beyond the TV or the walls of your home can work wonders for stress and the boredom that will most likely come with this upcoming lockdown.

Sharing interests and hobbies with your partner is a great way to ease the tension of lockdown, and while you may not particularly enjoy your SO’s hobbies, there is of course the chance that you may love it, and take it up yourself. Sharing things such as baking, cooking, playing games both off and on-screen are wonderful ways to pass the time, and even trying a game of Mr and Mrs might also be a way to learn about your partner – just make sure to get the answers right!

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