Fare dodging on trains when it's only one stop - and you know you can get away with it- Neither of you make eye contact with anyone or each other and just get the job done.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Complaining about a meal to get money off when it was perfectly fine- When you both really want a meal out but your joint account won't accommodate both.

Deliberately mis-scanned an item/put it through as something cheaper at the self-service- And neither of you bats and eyelid or you might just get found out. You wait until you get in the car before you high five.

Kept money accidentally paid into your account- If someone asks for it later you'll both deny all knowledge.

Drove your car for a few days after the MOT expires- And kept to the A roads for fear you'll get pulled over on the motorway, while your significant other is on lookout.

Fibbed on a car insurance form (like pretending you keep the car in a garage)- What's the likelihood they'll check?!

Drunk beverages in the minibar and refill them with water- When you really want a drink but can't be bothered to leave your room- but the prices are extortionate- what to do?

Pocketing the change from a note your partner has given you- What's there is yours…

Bought an item, worn it - then sent it back- Like you can afford to keep buying and keeping dresses and suits for all these weddings you're invited to.

Thrown a sickie 'because you've earned it'- When you do it together, neither of you dare leave the house in case you bump into someone you shouldn't.

Sat in first class when you don't have a ticket- And probably sat apart so you didn't look too obvious.

Downloaded a movie / tunes from an illegal site- Because going to the cinema is such an expensive date night!

Received too much change from a purchase and kept it- And there's another few coins for your joint savings jar.

Complained about a fake/much-exaggerated issue to get a freebie- You've perfected this between you now- you're totally in sync.

Nabbing pint glasses from your local pub- They are so cool and would look great in your kitchen…

Fibbed to get an upgrade/extras (pretended to get engaged/fake birthday)- How many times have you been married now?

Not flagged a mistake to the cashier which meant you paid less than you should have- You have bills to pay and a nest egg to think about- every penny counts.

Logged onto someone else's WIFI- Other people have done it to you before so its karma.

Cheated at a board game- Sometimes it's the only way to beat your partner.

Tested grapes/small things in the supermarket you hadn't paid for- You don't want to waste your hard earned money on something that will disappoint now do you?

Used a discount you weren't entitled to (student/friend's staff discount)- The best thing about your partner going back to study? The free food and the cheap clothes!

Taking your own food / booze into the cinema- The tickets cost a fortune- and food on top makes for a costly night out with your loved one- so out comes the bigger bag every time you go!

Not added a tip to a restaurant bill when service isn't included- Do either of you get tipped at your job? Nope- well- it's only fair!

Pocketed jams sachets at hotel breakfasts- Jars always get wasted- it makes total sense.

Taken a ticket in a car park from another driver who is just leaving- If they offer- what's the harm?! Neither of you carry change on you anyway.

Taking hipflasks into events- Drinks at wedding receptions are expensive!

'Borrowed' shampoos from hotel rooms- Then every time you have a weekend away, you have supplies and can top up!

Used a voucher on a date- Sometimes it's got to be done if you want a cheap night out.

Using a toilet in somewhere where you're not a 'patron'- When you've got to go- you've got to go.

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