If you wait to have kids any longer you will be retired by the time they go to college- All of your friends are giving birth and for both of you it just doesn't feel like the right time but when you do the math you can almost hear the clock ticking inside you.

Your mortgage is FOREVER

Your mortgage is FOREVER

You are concerned for your social life- Game of Thrones on a Monday night- is a big night for you- any other night is just The Big Bang Theory reruns and dinner. Steady now!

If you should consider trying new things- Like camping in the hope of finding your young and adventurous side again. But you dream of a warm and comfortable hotel room the entire time.

Your care for things you never thought you would give a damn about- Like the softness of your bed- a good night's sleep is imperative to keep your energy levels up these days.

That you may never pay off your mortgage- 25 years seems such a long way away and you wonder if people just lie about reaching the end.

You feel deflated when you check you 'things to do before I'm 30 list'- You have done barely anything on it and neither has your partner. It makes you ponder what you have actually done with the last 10 years of your life as a couple.

You reluctantly write another list of things to before 40- And hold little hope for it given the last sad attempt.

Strange aches and pains- You simultaneously get on Google and diagnose each other with something serious- because you're both old now and more prone to these kinds of ailments.

Your eating habits- Gone are the days when you could junk food without any consequences or guilt- now you want to set a good example for your hypothetical children and take better care of each other.

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