When the movie Bad Neighbours was released last year, it compared the bodies of both Zac Efron and Seth Rogen in all their shirtless glory. Despite the fact that many men believe women prefer a gladiator on their arm- it's been found that they actually prefer a man with a passion for a bit of podge rather than the tightly toned stomach.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

80% of women in the North East and Northern Ireland are looking for a man who enjoys a bit of extravagance without the need to punish himself at the gym for days after.

Men’s retailer Jacamo reinforces this point- as it recently found that women are looking for a realistic boy next door physique in the long term.

Jacamo  spokesperson  Carie  Barkhuizen said: “Women tell us that men with ordinary  bodies  are  seen as good family makers who pay more attention to their partners than they do to themselves.

“While hunks will always catch the eye, many women regard them as bad bets in  the  long run because they may be self-obsessed and more concerned with their own looks and needs rather than anyone else.”

Almost all British women have said that a date with a gym obsessed bloke is not in any way fun. If he watches his carb intake the same as you do when ordering- there is something seriously wrong. Sharing a dessert is a much more appealing way to end a meal than tapping the calories from his starter and mains into his fitness app to see if he can spare the room.

Tracey Cox, relationship expert, says: "Eye candy is never a bad thing, but when it comes to choosing a partner, in reality, buff-bodied men are just not what most women want for real-life partners".

"Most women worry about their bodies, so we know the hard work and dedication that goes into getting a buff, toned body. A man with a perfect body has probably restricted his diet and alcohol intake and spends hours in the gym. All this suggests he's not going to be much fun as a partner!"

"We feel more comfortable with a bit of flab over super toned abs! Women are already under extreme pressure to look a certain way, and we figure that a man who appears less critical of his own appearance and obsessed with looks will be less critical of ours."

This extends to the bedroom too with many women worrying about stripping in front of a man with a six pack as it makes them feel self-conscious if they don't match up.

Tracey adds; " The Average Joe also comes out on top in the bedroom. Women are far more likely to relax and let loose with a man who they feel isn't judging their appearance. Even if the gym-buff guy swears he loves curves, his discipline highlights our lack of it, making us feel uncomfortable."

91% of women want 'couple time' over time apart while he's lifting weights at the local gym. 82% of women who currently have an Average Joe in their bed are not looking to persuade them to get more toned or to diet- listen to the advice of Bridget Jones version for the male community - we like our men 'just the way they are'.

Daniel Craig, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman and Kit Harrington have been snubbed for the likes for a less chiselled Colin Firth, Robbie Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson, James Corden and Seth Rogen in favour of a more relaxed and easy going man.

Bad Neighbours is the perfect example of how a man with a little insulation is still sexy- leading the way with his ability to make the ladies laugh instead.

Giving the results a male analysis, the UK's leading dating expert, James Preece, says: "Women are a lot more concerned about whether a man is intelligent, trustworthy, reliable and ambitious rather than if he looks like a cover model. A good sense of humour and a fun personality will always win over an ab-tastic body. It's these qualities that will keep women interested in the long term and make the Average Joe stand out from the ab-tastic hunk."

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