British women lust after Poldark more than any other fictional character on TV according to Gala Bingo. The research has also revealed the formula for the perfect leading man.

Poldark- I wonder why!

Poldark- I wonder why!

Shockingly, the likes of Sherlock and Jon Snow have been cast aside as Poldark takes the top spot, with one in six Brits admitting that they would rather have him as top of their list than a man who knows nothing or indeed everything.

It's not suprising that Christian Grey remains on the list, even if he has been pushed down the ranks.

Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) also makes an appearance with good old Doctor Who (David Tennent) not far behind. And how could we forget the dashing Mr Darcy in his chest hugging white shirt?!

Overall, here's how the top ten stack up:

1. Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner)

2. Mr Darcy (Colin Firth)
3. Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio)
4. Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan)
5. Doctor Who (David Tennant)
6. Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville)
7. Jon Snow (Kit Harington)
8. Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch)
9. Captain America (Chris Evans)
10. Heathcliff (Tom Hardy)

So what makes the perfect hunk? Someone who stands up against resistance and shows their bare chest- not a lot to ask for really!

Sad news for the Hardy fans are Tom comes last on the list as Heathcliff- despite his enviable hair, sadly the character's cruel nature didn't do him any favours to win the hearts of the British ladies.

British women unsurprisingly go weak at the knees for a British gentleman, which is why the Earl of Grantham from Downton Abbey falls comfortably in the middle of the list.

To be more specific, if British women could pick and choose, they would take the smile forehead, hair and ears of Christian Grey, the eyebrows, nose and jawline of Poldark, Jay Gatsby's chin, Mr Darcy's eyes and 30% of Dr Who's weird and wonderful personality to make their leading man complete.

Alison Digges, Brand Director at, said: "It's one of life's big unanswered questions - who is the perfect leading man?

"We've worked our way through the list of hunkiest men on screen and come up with the definitive answer which was very much the inspiration behind our latest TV ad which plays homage to the ultimate romantic hero!"

With Dr Who and the new series of Downton Abbey due to return to our screens on the 19th and 20th of September respectively, the ladies of the UK don't have much longer to wait to lust over some of our fictional favourites, although the second series of Poldark doesn't hit our screens until spring 2016. Sigh.

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