Colin Andrew Firth, born 10 September 1960, Grayshott, Hampshire/UK

Colin Firth

Colin Firth

Colin Firth, there's no doubt about it, is already one of the veterans amongst his acting peers. The modest Virgo star, who first rose to fame as Mr. Darcy in the BBC production of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, is a dedicated worker and likes to set himself realistic goals instead of going over the top. Thanks to Mercury also in observant, analytical Virgo, he is able to adapt well to different people and situations. In case you're hiding something you'd better watch out: his sharp mind sizes you up and figures you out very quickly! With his dry sense of humour, Colin is a master of entertaining, dynamic conversation. He does appreciate an equally passionate intellectual match to share a good laugh with, however, his chart reveals he can tend to be quite self-opinionated and critical!

Longevity and perseverance are very much emphasized in Colin's chart which is heavily dominated by the earth signs. For one thing, the rather cautious and considerate part of his character is enhanced by a strong Saturn that also lends him his terrific (and by now trademark!) ability to portray the reserved, uptight gentleman trying his hand at romance. Along with that comes a sense of honor and authority. Then there's Colin's Moon placed in practical, comfort-loving and at times stubborn Taurus, so he really couldn't be any more down to earth. The actor values the feeling of security and stability - knowing what will come next and being well prepared for it. He's a solid, dependable guy who prefers to keep things low-key, and he's certainly the type for a long-term relationship. Interestingly, his wife Livia's a Virgo too, and Saturn having the same impact as in Colin's chart makes her just as loyal and faithful! Underneath that neat and proper appearance, there's a sensual side to him which lets him take pleasure in what the physical world has to offer. As for his on-screen heartthrob image, in real life the tall, handsome actor is definitely one of the gentle, patient kind!

Most certainly, the Oscar winner of 2011 ("The King's Speech") is not only a lover of beautiful objects and the arts, but has good taste himself, as indicated by Venus in aesthetic Libra. Immaculate manners will impress him, but crude behavior is his biggest turn-off! In his new action-packed flick "Kingsman: The Secret Service", which critics say stars Colin Firth in perhaps his best role in recent years, he shows a different side of his acting skills. And indeed, secretive Pluto is gaining ground in his chart, so he may fancy the genre for a good while!

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