Films have been dedicated to men's love of blondes; however females are not so impressed by the hair colour as their male counterparts. has found that fair haired men are not as popular as blonde bombshells.

Maybe we would make an exception for Chris Hemsworth!

Maybe we would make an exception for Chris Hemsworth!

Surprisingly, in summer, blonde men are not as popular as their brunette and red headed friends. Within June and July, men with blonde hair go on the least amount of dates. Brown haired men have the most amount of dates in this time- around 10 compared to a measly 3 for the bleached blokes. But why is this the case? Why is it appealing for one sex but not the other?

"There are certain stereotypes that blondes unfortunately can't escape," says Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of "As the old saying goes 'blondes have more fun.' Those who are taking their dating life seriously are probably steering away from this type of guy for fear that they are just looking for a summer fling."

A study released by the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology found that men were more likely to approach a blonde woman in a nightclub. However, a similar study published in the journal "Psychological Studies," found that when invited to slow dance, women were more likely to say yes to dark-haired men versus blonde-haired men.

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