Dominos did some research to find the nation's favourite date night for those who are in a relationship and here's why they are so popular.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Pizza and film at home- There's nothing quite like a big pile of carbs, cheese and tomato sauce with a move to make a night in. Food you can eat from your couch with no washing up- what better way to spend some downtime?

Going to the seaside- You get in your exercise quota for the day without it feeling like exercise- might I add- and finish your trip off with fish and chips- bliss!

Cooking a meal together- This is great opportuning to do something that will encourage conversation and teamwork and you get to eat your hard work afterwards- perfect!

Going for brunch- After a long lie in at the weekend- it feels like a treat because you are well rested and hungry but you don't want to wait until lunchtime!

Going sightseeing in your own city- It acts as a gentle reminder that you are blessed to live where you do and that you don't need to spend lots of money on petrol to find a good day out.

Going to the zoo- You learn little something, get in some exercise and see creatures you may never get the opportunity to see again.

Playing board games- An ideal way to put down your electronic devices- share childhood stories and have some fun at little or no cost.

Dancing- You don't even have to go to a class- you can simply throw on some tunes and dance around your living room. It's lots of fun and it gets you moving!

Going to a gallery- If you feel your relationship needs a little culture, this is the answer to your prayers.

Wine and cheese night- A way for you to feel sophisticated for a night- even if you are both the farthest thing from sophisticated. Or you can get rolling drunk and mush cheese in each other's faces. Whatever floats you boat.

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