Today is National Zoo Lovers Day so for those couples who enjoy a trip to the zoo, here are some things that you might also do when you get there.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You get up bright and early- It’s not often you drag yourselves out of bed but when there are animals to see- you bounce from your slumber with excitement.

You pack a lunch- Even though you know one of you will carry it around in a backpack all day while you tuck into the far more tempting animal shaped treats the zoo sells.

You take pictures of everyday animals- There are lions, tigers, bears and penguins (to name a few)- all ready to have their picture taken- yet you come home with a dozen shots of ducks or pigeons because they were pulling a funny pose on the walkway.

You laugh at the animals- You are bound to catch a couple of them humping at some point but instead of acting like adults- you can’t help but burst out laughing at nature doing its thing.

You put on voices for the animals- You think it’s hilarious to speak for the animals and make up their back story. By the end of the day you have the making of a pretty good sitcom.

You try and get a parrot to say hello to you- They might entertain you or they might not but you give it a good go in the hope they will humour you.

One of you will freak out- You have paid your money so you want to see ALL of the park but one of you has an unrealised fear of flapping things. The tour through the butterfly sanctuary or the bat cave is utter torture but you want to get your money’s worth while squealing and running through as fast as you can.

You fall for the photo opportunities- If there is a chance to get your photo taken with one of the stars of the park you will pay for it every time. It’s not every day you get a picture of you both with a bunch of tropical birds now is it?

You watch all of the shows- You schedule your day around what the park has to offer so you don’t miss out on any opportunity to have a sit down because you have put in some miles.

You buy a memento- It’s customary to buy a pen, a fridge magnet, fluffy toy or pay over the odds at the squashed penny machine. It’s inevitable even though you swore to each other before you arrived that you wouldn’t get sucked in to buying something at the gift shop. 

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