Today is National All Or Nothing Day- so if you're one of those couples who always operates on one extreme or the other- never in the middle- here are some things you will find familiar. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

TV or no TV

You either flick though and find nothing, go to bed and have sex, or you find something that grabs you both from the first episode. You are there till the early hours in the morning wondering how many more you can get away with before you fall asleep at your desk the next day.

You are on a diet or ordering in

You either prepare something super healthy for you both that takes time and effort or you get the biggest combo meal of your favourite take out and indulge.

You exercise or you don't move

You go to the gym together to motivate each other to get fitter or you can't even be bothered to lift the remote to change the channel.

You drink or you don't

You decide to have date night in but you can't just have one drink- its either total sobriety or throwing up over each other during foreplay.

You love each other or hate each other

You go from sexting through the day and ripping each other's clothes off as you set foot through the door or slamming doors and wishing you were single.

You dress up or down

You spend ages getting ready for date night and go out for a meal or you put on some jeans and sit in darkened cinema hoping that people won't judge your bed hair and popcorn decorated sweater.

You clean or are on the verge of getting rats

When you clean- you clean, but as soon as mess starts to emerge, you can't be arsed to do the whole little and often thing, so you just let it get to pig sty status.

You go from being quiet to extreme

You love a quiet night in watching your favourite show together but you also like to throw massive parties and invite everyone you know- much to the neighbours' delight. 

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