Every couple goes through hard times- whether it's money troubles, working too hard, job losses, health concerns or unexpected events. People in relationships have to find ways to keep the morale up when things aren't going their way. Here are just a few.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Don't lose your sense of humour- Bad things happen- they do to everyone- but it can help to see the funny side of the situation rather than focusing on the negative all the time. Although this is not always appropriate- it can often be the tonic you both need to break the tension if it is.

Find time to enjoy yourselves- If you're in the midst for a slump together- ensure you have something to look forward to. This could be a little something each day or something bigger in the future to get you through.

Unplug- If you're going through a bad point together- try to set aside a time to take a break. You might decide to not talk about the issue after a certain point in the night and turn your focus on each other. Sometimes you can talk yourself into a corner so some time to detox might help.

Leave the house- If the house has been the cause or at the centre of the problem, it might be wise to take a walk or a drive and give yourselves some space away from it to clear your heads.

Focus on what you do have- You may be short on cash, over-worked or having family troubles- the important things to remember are that you have each other, you have a job and your family are still alive and well to be able to put whatever it is right again. There is a light at the end of the tunnel- you just have to look for it.

Don't become jealous of others- Your friends might have a newer house, a flashier car, more disposable income- but that's all for show- what's happening behind closed doors? Every couple has something going on that they're not proud of or worried over- you just might not get to know about it. Forget the 'grass is greener' attitude- many people wish for what you have already. You are blessed but you need to remind each other why.

Look at what you can do not what you can't- If you don't have a lot of money- you may not be able to go out for a meal or to the cinema- but you could make a home cooked meal and pull out an old DVD. If your partner is working till late during the week- don't dwell on not being able to do things Monday- Friday but make the most of your weekends together.

Don't call yourselves 'boring'- If you aren't able to get out and do things because of money or work- that doesn't mean you're a boring couple. It simply means that you are tightening the purse strings a little or putting more effort in when you do have a free moment together. If all you want to do when you steal some time is read a book or snuggle up together on the couch- it doesn't matter- it's what you want in that moment- so go with it.

Forget the 'what ifs'- Don't focus on what could or might happen because you will both end up worrying endlessly about things that never materialise. Deal with things as they come up rather than the possible scenarios on the back of your bad news.

Avoid being creative with other people- If something has gone wrong- don't bother about what people might be saying about you- chances are they aren't and it's just a projection of how you feel about your current situation. Only address things people say to your face because there's proof they've said it not rumours, gossip or speculation.

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