You're never on time- You agree to meet at a certain time and place and get distracted by anything and everything. People have begun to tell you the wrong time (two hours earlier) so you turn up when everyone else does.

Are you so laid back you could fall over?

Are you so laid back you could fall over?

You will watch anything- You never argue over what goes on the box- just as long as there is something to hold your attention.

You are never ready to leave the house- Your friend is waiting at the door and you still haven't got your shoes on yet, never mind your coat or your bag.

You let everyone else out at junctions- Because you are never in a hurry.

You don't freak out if you go the wrong way while driving- You just take it in you stride and turn around and go back.

You never make a reservation- And just turn up- convinced that you will get a table.

You take forever to choose a meal- The waitress has to come up several times because you are too busy chatting to choose something off the menu. She ends up choosing something for you so she doesn't have to come back.

You will listen to your friend offload- Without expecting to do the same in return.

You don't mind getting the cheque- If your friend has forgotten to bring any money. She'll get it next time. It's all good.

You open the door for everyone- To the point where you could get paid for it.

You never remember where you parked- Because you think you'll remember and rarely do. Most meals out with your friends end with you searching for your car for an hour afterwards.

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