Couples have to be inventive at Christmastime when it comes to hiding presents. We take a look at the most common hidey holes loved ones use to stop their partners from snooping.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

At a friend/ family member's house- If you have a seasonal snooper- then you have to resort to drastic measures and take the presents out of the house altogether. Your friends and family are the best people for this- however only if you can trust them not to lose/damage or use said item. Choose your person wisely.

In suitcases- It's the perfect camouflage and you know your partner's not going to look there because they only come down out the loft when you're jetting off on holiday. Make sure you check the top is on the sun tan lotion properly or your presents may be ruined by holiday smell and grease.

In the back of the wardrobe/on top of wardrobe- Unless you have a partner who insists on putting your clothes away for you- then it's not an ideal location. Although it makes your life easier to have an onsite launderer- they may come across something they shouldn't.

In the cupboard/on top of cupboard- If you have a short partner- on top of anything is usually a winner because they only search in places that are their height and under. (And can't be bothered to get the step ladders out to look anywhere higher).

In the shed- Sheds are grim places- if your loved one has a fear of spiders and dark places you know your stash will be safe from prying eyes. Or buy a fake spider and put it top of your box of presents- works every time!

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