A recent survey found that men get luckier in Liverpool over London when it comes to dates and we investigate why, with the help of Director of Product Insights at AYI.com, Josh Fischer.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Why do men have much higher odds at getting a date in Liverpool than London?

When men in Liverpool approach a woman, they generally have twice as many friends and interests in common with her than when a man in London approaches a woman.  We've found that having friends and interests in common with a woman makes her roughly twice as likely to respond.

What is it about London and Birmingham ladies that are pickier than anywhere else in the country?

Generally, we've seen women in larger cities are pickier.  This may be because they have more options or because people still in the same city could take a long time to visit.  Also, because they have wider social circles they will have a lower chance of sharing a friend in common

Why do you think that where people come from is a large factor in dating, sometimes above a simple ‘Hello’?

It's less where they come from, as much as the fact that it's a common question with a simple answer (no one has to think about where they are from) and it can spur new conversations from there.  ("Oh, I know so and so from there")

What is it about Manchester that makes the women more open to dating?

Much like Liverpool, the social circles are tigther knit in Manchester so there is a greater chance that a woman will see a friend in common with a man.  Having a friend in common makes a woman more likely to go on a date with a guy.

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