This Valentine’s Day, We-Vibe® is turning up the heat and spicing things up in the bedroom. The world’s most popular couple’s massager has teamed up with International Design superstar and Tastemaker, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to encourage couples, and show them how, to transform their bedroom and take the space from drab to desirable!



There’s no doubt that the bedroom is the most intimate room in the house and where we are at our most vulnerable. It’s where we dress and undress, abandon ourselves to sleep every night - and, of course, it’s usually where we make love, and spend our most intimate moments with our partner.

We-Vibe want to encourage couples, and those on the hunt for Mr or Mrs Right, to create a more romantic intimate space during the month of love. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen offers his top tips to create the perfect sensual space and transform your bedchamber:

Roleplay - One of the sexiest things you could ever do to your room is pretend it’s not your room. Turn it into a passionate playzone that tells a story very different to your own, whether that’s picking on a famous character from history or hollywood, or a celebrity. Think of ways in which the room can be transformed to express their sexual identity.

Lighting - Back in the day a warm-hued silk scarf placed over a lampshade was a universally recognised symbol of sexy anticipation. My feeling is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Making the light levels in your room more smoochy, more sultry, more sexy, is a great way of establishing the mood, and YES, jewel coloured chiffon over a lampshade (make sure it’s never directly on a bulb) will make a space where the hoochie-coochie can flourish.

Design atmosphere - Take it to another level - use the floor, build sumptuous, opulent piles of cushions, drape throws, and set a tray with drinks (preferably Gin) and delectable treats to create an almost seraglio-like atmosphere of voluptuous sensuality. Light a fire if you can, if not, create a focal point with a massed-group of lit pillar candles.

Flowers - are always such an emotive symbol when it comes to the theatre of sex. Lilies even look suggestive, and as for their smell, it’s enough to really set your blood pulsing. Flowers always seem to belong to an earlier age where work deadlines, humdrum responsibilities and picking the kids up simply weren’t invented. So a vase or two of open, headily-scented, blooms will instantly create an old-school atmosphere of boudoir indulgence.

Sound - When it comes to our five senses, sight, touch, and yes, taste and smell, are the ones most directly associated with sexuality. But actually, sound has a very particular role to play as well. We feel at our sexiest when we feel at our most secure, so nurturing, constant noises like splashing fountains, birdsong, the wind in the trees, or waves on a beach are great soundtracks to seduction. So don’t always reach for that Ed Sheeran playlist, play with compilations of natural sounds to really heighten the mood.

Imagery - Erotic art has always had a very important role to play in the history of sexuality, from the Ancient Greeks, through the Renaissance, to the 18th Century and up to our own day with the compilations of black and white erotic photography that are so popular. Looking at beautiful images is a wonderful way of turning up the heat.

Consideration is key - The most important tip I could possibly give is to be considerate; arrange or rearrange your room with your partner totally at the forefront of your mind. All of the things that they like and enjoy should be obviously celebrated by the decisions you are making. Don’t, whatever you do, try and force your style and taste on the environment. Instead show yourself to be a thoughtful and committed lover through the way you choose to arrange your boudoir.