By relationship expert Karen Mooney of Sara Eden Introductions

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Who would have thought this time last year many couples would be meeting virtually to celebrate Valentine’s day with the aid of Zoom.

Rewind back to February 2020 who had heard of Zoom? Within a year virtual dating has become the ‘new normal’ and it’s time to acknowledge the beauty of Zoom as your new way to get to know someone. Couples are getting to know each other slowly before they can meet in person.

But how do you use Zoom to successfully date? Very important especially on Valentine’s Day

It’s all in the preparation, the lack of which will leave your date feeling like an afterthought. Before the date begins, be sure to:

● Check your background - simple is best and tidy is vital

● Adjust your lighting, so that it flatters you and doesn’t shine on the screen

● Dress appropriately (at least from the waist up…..)

● Tidy your hair - wispy bits show up and make you look as if you don’t care

● Order/cook your meal and pour yourself a drink but don’t get drunk!

● Turn off your phone, there is nothing more important than your Zoom date for the duration of the call. If you are using your phone for the Zoom call, turn on Do Not Disturb

● Shut the door so that there are no unplanned interruptions.

What to Expect

● That the call will start on time

● To make eye contact

● To smile and be smiled at in return

● Good table manners

● To listen more than you speak

● To ask questions that show you are paying attention

● If it’s going well, to find common ground

● To make and accept compliments

● To relax and enjoy yourself!

Slowly, Slowly, Get to Know Me

One of the lovely things about Zoom dating is that you’ll have the opportunity to chat without the distractions you would normally have to deal with in a public place. Even a romantic dinner for two has to bear intrusions from the waiter, which halt the flow of conversation. There’s an ‘old fashioned’ aspect to all of this, which is rather charming. We know that mid-20th century dating consisted of an initial period of getting to know each other and often a declaration of commitment before that first kiss. The anticipation must have been extraordinary. Nowadays there is a rush to physical intimacy before trust is established and that can leave both parties disappointed and vulnerable. Zoom dating gives you time and space before you make your move to the next stage.

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