As today is National Paranormal Day, we thought we would take a look at the things you should expect if you're about to date someone who gushes over ghouls.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Any creak or sound you hear- Is not the wind, the pipes settling or the wood in the floorboards expanding- it's a ghost making itself known. Just so you know.

Your date nights will be unconventional- They will think nothing of arranging a visit to a medium or a haunted castle as one of your romantic evenings together so be sure to have an open mind and always wrap up warm if it's a surprise.

You'll have to accompany them to every ghost movie that's released- Even if it's not your favourite genre, you'll get dragged to every slasher, horror or supernatural movie shown at the cinema. You might as well just accept it now.

You'll also have to watch supernatural movies and boxsets at home- If you happen to miss a movie at the cinema or it never made it in the first place- you'll be expected to watch it on Netflix or Now TV along with occult related boxsets and TV dramas. It's a given.

They'll tell you lots of ghost stories- Of their own or ones they've heard from other people. Even if you don't believe, just play along and look shocked at the relevant moment when they tell you the big reveal. It's easier for everyone involved.

Don't challenge their beliefs- You may not think along the same lines as they do- but it's what they believe. It can be a great comfort or a potential hobby so don't take that away from them. They'll indulge in your passions all the more if you let them enjoy theirs.

They're easy to buy for- A book on ghosts, a DVD on the occult, a ghost tour in your local city- they'll love any of those things so your choices are endless at Christmas and Birthdays.

You'll probably stay in a haunted hotel at some point- Room service, mini bars and super king size beds are all incidental- the most important thing is- have people felt a presence when staying in this hotel/room? If so, then the decision is made- book it now!

They don't like to be home alone- They have active imaginations- this combined with the endless amount of scary stuff they watch will make them nervous about sleeping alone. If you work away a lot- your relationship might not last.

They'll probably collect feathers- Feathers are not the products of birds or your bedding but visitations from the other side. They'll pick it up and keep it if they find one lying around because they believe it's a message from their loved one from the beyond.

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They will need to check out the restaurant before going- They like to have a look at the menu before committing. If they don't reply to your date night invitation right away, it's because they are online making sure there is a good selection of veggie based dishes first...

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