Find friends with Badoo!

Find friends with Badoo!

As Badoo reaches 200 million users we talk to them about the patterns they have found over the UK between men and women on the hunt for a new connection!

Why are Leeds ladies the most chatty in the UK?

“People often talk about how people in the North are friendlier than the South, now we’ve got the statistics to back it up."

What makes Edinburgh men most picky out of all the men in the UK?

“In contrast to Yorkshire, men from the Scottish capital have come out as the least likely to respond or start a conversation on Badoo. For people looking to make new friends in the city this isn’t good news but it does show that men in the area know exactly what they are looking for and aren’t afraid to wait until they are really interested in getting to know another person.”

What does Bradford have that nowhere else does to make it the most mobile savvy city for meeting new people?

“The trend of making friends via mobile is increasingly popular with more people than ever before choosing to connect using their mobile phones. The number of people using Badoo’s mobile apps grew by 63% in the last year alone. The city of Bradford are championing this as a convenient and easy alternative to conventional ways of meeting new people in Britain, having the largest proportion of mobile users on Badoo. Perhaps we should be calling them ‘the most friendly city instead?’“

Why is a site for connecting people just as valuable as dating websites and other social network sites?

“Meeting new people can be hard in real life. That's why Badoo created the game Encounters in 2007, where users can browse people in their local area, with the help of photo, interests and profile info. A match is created when both users like each other’s profiles. It requires both users to approve each other though so it decreases the risk of getting messages from people you don't like or removes the feeling of potential rejection in a bar or dating site. Around the globe, we see users visit 563 million profiles a day resulting in close to 10 million daily matches."

“Badoo’s fastest growth has been among young adults ranging between 25 and 35 years old. These young adults are looking to make new friends, rather than connecting with relatives and colleagues on other social networks. The number of registered users has increased by 28% in the last year, and Badoo is currently growing by 100,000 new users every day.”

Why is making friends by mobile so popular now?

"Making friends is human nature and has always been popular. The technology and innovation by companies like Badoo enables us to do it faster, safer and in more fun ways than we did 10 years ago. This is particularly relevant with people who find work demands most of their time, are shy or perhaps have limited money for going out. The usage we see on Badoo reflects the local culture of its users across the globe. The Badoo app offers a casual approach to social networking similar to real life, where you can meet different kinds of people. Some may become good friends, and a special few may develop into something more.”

Why is it important to connect with people over the Christmas period?

Christmas is coupled with being sociable and spending time with loved ones, for some people it can also be one of the loneliest times of the year. Connecting with people online via location based services provides a quick, safe and easy way to engage with people whether it’s from the comfort of your home, on the go or out celebrating with friends and work colleagues.”

What is next for you and Badoo?

“We’re about to celebrate the landmark of reaching 200 million users online which is a huge achievement. Badoo has lately been focusing on feedback from female users, making sure Badoo is a place where women feel happy and safe. Unlike a lot of other sites, we moderate every profile photo uploaded for authenticity and safety. We manually examine 3 million every day. Efforts like this have resulted in almost a 20% increase in female users."

"We prefer to show rather than talk when it comes to our products and ideas."


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