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Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A couple-less Christmas is nothing to worry about and there are a few things that you may need to remind yourself of this Christmas as the films come on, family gather round, and friends come to you for gift advice on what to get their partners.

You may be seeing family this Christmas and dreading the inevitable moment when they turn towards you and that one relative makes their move to ask you that question. The question you know is coming. The question that overwhelms you with the sensation of a million and one spotlights all pointing in your direction. As much as that is no holiday-highlight, it is usually one thing…brief! While it is a family favourite in the selection of small-talk questions that are regurgitated at every gathering, along with passing remarks about the weather and school updates, it is not often long before the conversation steers away from the topic of your relationship status and your interrogation is over.

The importance of keeping busy should not be understated. The best thing for many of those who are single this year, and who may be feeling a bit low this holiday season, is to focus on doing other things. There is always the option of wallowing, and while taking a little step back to have some time to yourself can be refreshing and very beneficial, it is so important not to isolate yourself (because we have all done our fair share of that this year). Instead, use this time to see your friends and truly enjoy your socially distanced meetups without adding a significant other into the mix and further adding to the worry of having to split your time between seeing your friends and family.

At this time of year especially, whirlwind romances are filling our screens, as well as potentially filling us with a envy, even if we do not care to admit it. Though, in the same way that we do not all, year-after-year, wake up to a blanket of flawless snow on Christmas morning, the Christmas movies you are starting to snuggle up to and enjoy also do not portray realistic romance. Despite the fact that we know Jude Law is not about to come knocking on our door after we have spontaneously decided to do a house-swap, somehow many of us are still without realising, choosing to compare ourselves to these on screen relationships. Do keep in mind this disillusioned sense of reality was the same thing that had us thinking that Bridget Jones was the epitome of a ‘sad-single’ even though she was living in a flat in central London with not one, but two men to choose from.

While dodging relationship questions from relatives and admiring Hugh Grant’s moves in Love Actually, you should also keep the positives of a couple-less Christmas at the front of your mind. Not only will you save both money and stress by not having to buy a present for your partner, but you will also have the freedom to completely monopolise the television remote. If in doubt, at least you can take comfort in the knowledge that by being single, you are not one of those couples this Christmas…

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