We are not rich- Just because our parents could afford to put us through private school does not mean that we are raking in it and will pay for every date we go on- nah-ah!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

We are not posh- If our school was in a place that has a strong accent- we have that accent too- so forget the Bridget Jones/ Rachel Weisz/ Felicity Jones RP Queen's English- we don't have it- and don't ask us to put it on during sexual play either. Or insist that we wear a school uniform for your titillation- we spent far longer in those things than you ever did. 

We are not all A* students- If you want intellectual conversation we can hold our own- if we were awarded a b or a c, it doesn't mean that we are socially inept.

We do not always have impressive jobs- Private school preps you well- however it does not guarantee a top league job when you graduate. We have to work up the ranks to get where we are today too. So don't expect after you find out where we were schooled that we will follow it with 'I work at NASA', 'I'm a doctor or plastic surgeon'. Some of us have regular, unspectacular jobs and love what we do all the same.

We are not good at sports- Many private schools pride themselves on their sporting prowess- but that's not the same for its students- we are not all really good a le cross or rowing. In fact we enjoy a night on the couch with some bad food as much as anyone- and we often prefer to claim sex as our daily exercise- you game?

We are not all briefcase wan*ers- We don't carry a briefcase and think that everyone is beneath us- so don't assume that we look down on you because you had a different type of schooling to us. There are sadly some that are like this; however it makes us run in the opposite direction to be associated with them. We are interested in you- as you should be us- because we have things to learn about each other.

We treasure our Saturday dates- For the most unlucky of private school students, we had to go to school on a Saturday morning- so the novelty of doing something before 12pm still leaves us feeling giddy. If you arrange date of morning coffee, morning sex or a walk in the park we will be forever grateful.

We are not naive- We may have been a little cosseted while in school but often a hell of a lot has happened since- yes we've had sex, got drunk, got married, had kids, travelled- all the stuff you have- we just may have done things a little later than you because our rules were a bit stricter.

We don't use it as a bargaining chip- We don't drop it into conversation in the hope that people will do us any favours as a result- especially employers. What matters is who we are now not what uniform we wore 15 years ago.

We might not tell you that we went to private school- Because of all the reasons above- we might only tell you this if we get to know you really well because we are just the same as other women and don't need any more preconceptions about us.

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