Today is International Journalist's Remembrance Day so we thought we would warn people what to expect when you’re about to date or are in the early stages of dating a journalist. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Journalists love to review stuff- If you eat at a restaurant- they will review it- if you go to see a movie- they will review it, if you stay in a hotel- they will review it. Get it? They can literally review anything- so be prepared to offer your opinions on every date you have so they can get another angle for their critique.

Journalists hand out business cards like lollipops- If they go anywhere that has writing leverage- they give the relevant their business card so they can get in touch afterwards and arrange a write up. If you are easily embarrassed- turn away- they have no shame in being pushy.

People approach them with possible article ideas- 'My brother has a window cleaning business- can you write something about cleaning glass to give him a bit of promotion?' They may need your help to come up with polite ways to say- 'that's not interesting in any way- NO!'

They carry notebooks- When an idea strikes- they have to write it down in said notebook. When they have a dry spell at work- they need this little black book of ideas to get them through. Don't judge them if they frantically scribble something down on a date- it's not you- they are just dedicated to their craft.

People will ask them who they've interviewed that's famous- People always ask them who they have spoken to that holds celebrity status- then they either get really excited over the person- or if they deem them to be a B list celebrity- adopt a look of utter disappointment. Be prepared for them to let your friends down spectacularly.

If a big story breaks- they have to report it- Even if you had sex pencilled in. They are sorry but it's the nature of the job. 

They will ask you weird questions- When they have an article idea brewing- they might use you as the guinea pig- bear with them- there is a reason behind all of their inappropriate and sometimes unrelated lines of interrogation.

They are critical about EVERYTHING- Because they live a life of reviews- they look at everything like they are writing an article about it. 'That woman was so rude to me in that shop- I would have named and shamed her if she had been serving us on a review!'

Breaking news- they already know- If you go out on a late date- chances are they are familiar with all of today's breaking stories. If they cut you off as you begin with 'yeah I wrote a story about that today' they are not trying to be obnoxious- it's just that subject has been their world for the last 8 hours and they need to talk about literally-anything else.

They read and compare notes- They can be moody if someone has written a similar article better than theirs and curse them for getting more Facebook likes and shares. Then your date will need unconditional reassurance that they are in fact the better writer. if you don't offer this- you will be the basis of their next article; How to cope when your partner is not supportive…..

Journalists get excited about anything writing related- A pen for Christmas- they can't get enough of them- clickers, rollers or ones with pictures on the side are particularly exciting. If you buy them an ink Parker pen- they will reward you with sexual favours for days. A notebook for their Birthday gives them palpitations- they like to sniff them, write something very neatly on the first page and then flick through the blank pages of endless writing possibilities. What's not to get high on? You will never be stuck for gift ideas with a writer. 

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