Life strategist, social commentator and motivational speaker, Jenni Trent Hughes has helped us compile some top tips for you to get gold medal relationship status.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Jenni says, “There are certain characteristics that athletes share and these are all values and beliefs that can help us not only in relationships but across all elements of our daily life.” Whether you’ve been in a relationship for 10 years or 10 minutes, these tips will give your relationship a great boost.


When athletes feel confident, they are more readily able to turn sporting potential into superior performance. If someone like Usain Bolt walks into the stadium feeling threatened by his competitors or imagining all the possible things that might go wrong even he will be unlikely to end up on the podium. Many of us go into relationships holding up the possible negatives, dragging in past disappointments, and then walking straight into the result we've expected.

Relationship tip: Raise your expectations: Winners are winners even before they first win. Date with confidence in yourself and allow future partners a fresh slate when entering a relationship.


Stamina is an essential quality for a championship sportsman or woman, especially in events like the marathon or swimming where you really need to go the distance. Using your energy wisely means you will have enough of it in reserve when you need that little bit extra to achieve success. It's the same in a relationship. If you're aiming for a long run you should be prepared to go the distance to gain the best of the rewards.

Relationship tip: Spend your emotional energy wisely. Avoid unnecessary drama, make love not war – avoid emotionally engaging in trivial matters, and save your energy for bigger matters that truly count.


The difference between those that make it to the big league and those that don’t is the unwavering belief that they deserve to be there. They believe they are in command of the situation and have the necessary skills to achieve their desired result. 

Relationship tip: You are in control of you. Don't fret and worry about what the other person is doing, thinking or saying - you can't control that. Concentrate on your own behaviour and be responsible for it. Behave in a way that you feel will produce the best results.


Unexpected stumbling blocks are inevitable for athletes, singles and couples alike. How you react in the face of adversity is often what determines the height your career reaches and it is the same in relationships. Michael Jordan famously said: “I have failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” Be it a sports injury, performance slump or any of the hitches that a relationship may experience, positive thinking techniques aid recovery, keep your attitude on track and keep on the road to the relationship medal podium.

Relationship tip: Don’t throw in the towel. If you've done your homework in advance then ensure you work together to resolve any conflict. You’re a team after all.


Jenni says, “Remember, you deserve to succeed, and while you may not be able to win gold for the 100 metre race you can certainly be a winner in the dating race!”