Dreams about fire are sometimes thought to be a bad omen but they can have positive connotations too.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Fire is generally interpreted as a chance for you to transform yourself.

Perhaps you feel a need for change or are in the midst of making some shifts in your life at work or at home.

The change fire symbolises is often about you striving to embrace a creative endeavour that you have yearned for- writing, painting or designing something perhaps.

More negatively- fire can be linked to destruction- if you feel that someone or something is intent on destroying an aspect of your life- this could be why you dreamed of fire.

If you were keeping the fire under control or bending it and were not afraid of it- this could be symbolic of your internal fire. Your passions and desires which you need to keep moving but they are doing you no harm.

The dream could be a metaphor for someone who is ‘fiery’- this might describe you or indeed someone you are close to in your waking hours. If it is you- do you need to dial this side of yourself back if it is affecting your relationships?

The fire could also be a pun for ‘playing with fire’. In other words- are you doing something dangerous or are you putting yourself and others in harm’s way?

To be burned alive suggests that you are letting your anger get the better of you. You are allowing something to burn up inside you. Do you need to put it out before it gets out of control?

With that said, if you were able to put the fire out- you have overcome you demons and are ready to move on with your life.

Fire and water together is thought to demonstrate something in your life which is polarising your thoughts and opinions. You have some inner conflict that is pulling you in two different directions.

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