George Clooney

George Clooney

What’s a housewife to do when her husband is at work and she’s looking after the home? Fantasise about no other than George Clooney!

A new survey commissioned by app Celebalike has found that most housewives will fill their days fantasising about George Clooney whilst their husband is hard at work.

Incredibly, 70 per cent of housewives admitted to having a particular celebrity that they obsess about and often daydream about.

George Clooney beat many men to the title, including Hollywood heartthrobs Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp who came in second and third place.

Daniel Craig came in fourth place with the nation’s housewives saying they wouldn’t mind him spying on them and David Beckham came in fifth.

A spokesman for Celebalike said, “George Clooney’s appeal among women is pretty well documented but the results show that even as someone over fifty, he still earns the adulation of many a married woman.

“Of course Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt have long held the admirations of many women, while David Beckham’s looks are always going to get attention- but his image as a family man makes him a favourite for many.

“While it’s not just the mature man who gets attention – Robert Pattinson is still in his twenties and shows that the younger man will always prove appealing.”

Both Take That members Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams appeared in the poll, as did fellow singer Michael Buble.

The youngest member in the poll was Twilight star Robert Pattinson with housewives saying that he got their blood rushing!

A sixth of married women spend time wishing their celebrity would come and whisk them off somewhere romantic, while a cheeky one in eight say they would be prepared to leave their husband should an opportunity with their favourite celebrity ever crop up.

Shockingly, 10 per cent of housewives had been warned by their partner that their infatuation with a certain celebrity was becoming too much.

On average, the women studied deemed 24 as the age they felt it was ok for a married woman to date without feeling the age was a barrier.

One in four women were even happy to be deemed ‘cougars’ – reasoning that dating an 18 year old was perfectly acceptable.

The Celebalike spokesman said, “It’s interesting to see that so many women feel dating a younger man is acceptable and clearly age 24 is about right.

“It’s surprising to see that so many married women readily admit to having  a celebrity obsession but it’s important that the daydreams don’t impose upon the marriage.

“Of course, the average man can’t expect to compete with George Clooney, but they can find out which celebrity they resemble.”

The top 20 housewife favourites are:

1.    George Clooney

2.    Brad Pitt

3.    Johnny Depp

4.    Daniel Craig

5.    David Beckham

6.    Colin Firth

7.    Ewan McGregor

8.    Orlando bloom

9.    Hugh Jackman

10.    Gary Barlow

11.    Gerard Butler

12.    Ryan Gosling

13.    Michael Buble

14.    Leonardo Di Caprio

15.    David Tennant

16.    Robbie Williams

17.    Robert Pattinson

18.    Will Smith

19.    Hugh Grant

20.    Dermot O Leary


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