It could be in the form of a sleeve, a subtle bit of ink hidden under their clothes or something more obvious, but single Brits are not opposed to tattoos on their potential dates. Many celebs boast them, such as David Beckham, Dame Helen Mirren or Cheryl Cole and all cause some sort of reaction.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

50% of people still find them an attractive quality in a mate according to

35% of men think that a girl with a tattoo is indicative of how exciting she is. A quarter of women think that a man with a tattoo could get their blood racing.

Three quarters in the study would not ask their new partner to cover up for the sake of their parents who may or may not approve, however there are exceptions depending on what the tattoo was of.

The classic ‘love’ and ‘hate’ knuckle tattoos don’t necessarily say that you are in touch with your soft side and tattoos of exes tends to be a bit off-putting. 57% of men are not happy to be constantly reminded of the man before them every time their look at their girlfriend.

62% of women are not a fazed by this, as they think it’s a good indicator of a man’s prowess in the bedroom.

Where a tattoo is on the body can determine attraction. 35% of women like their date to have an arm tattoo, back tattoo or shoulder tattoo.

Men like to see some ink on the lower back of their date (26%) as it is deemed the most sensual place for a women to have one. 22% think a  sneaky bit of something on their bum is very appealing.

59% are in agreement that at special occasions such as weddings they should be covered over as they are not really appropriate with formal dress. Some are not fans of the larger tattoo either, with a preference for something more subtle. Tattoos that cover both the backs of the thighs and bum according to most men and women are something that is not desirable for 80%.