Angelina Jolie, born 4 June 1975, Los Angeles/ CA, USA at 9 .09 am

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Gemini-born actress Angelina Jolie is very much at home in the world of ideas and thoughts, and her stars reveal that she loves to communicate those within larger social circles where she can best build momentum. She's an independent person, imaginative and probably quite a visionary. In the core of her being, the Hollywood goddess, who just turned 40, also harbours a profound longing for the divine, for healing or saving someone or something, while at the same time being willing to consider herself less important and make sacrifices of her own. The gift of her Cancer Ascendant is certainly a strong feminine aura, especially with that alluring Cancer Venus, the symbol of beauty and grace, sitting right on top of it. There's just something so sweet and soft about her! Cancer rules children and family, which are no doubt top priorities in the busy actress' life. However, she'll most likely always choose a modern and open approach rather than a very traditional one. This is revealed by the position of her feisty Aries Moon in an area of her birth chart that is all about improvement and pushing forward. Standstill is therefore a fate she would probably fight until her last breath! Mars and Jupiter are joining in, which makes her a vivacious, spirited and powerful woman who knows how to assert herself. Her outlook on life is emotional and kind, but the passionate Aries energy in the background speaks of a raw straightforwardness that will likely pose a challenge to most people.

Angie and hubby Brad Pitt do make quite a "gypsy-esque" couple, which may have to do with an interesting influence that the two of them share, one that makes them both equally restless and changeable: They simply feel the need to be different and sometimes to follow their own individual paths for a while! Angelina's determination and ability to forge ahead is stunningly reflected in the conjunction of her two most important planets. This heightens her senses in terms of what to look out for and how to get started. Losing confidence and hope are total no-goes! In fact, Jupiter, the planet of luck, faith and prosperity, is placed at the top of her chart. This also adds to her giving nature, and the desire to do something for the greater good for the world is close to her heart. She does have a hard time taking a break though, and stopping herself from doing too much. Transformative Pluto has been working on this since last year and will address the issue in earnest from the beginning/ spring of 2016. Any subconscious beliefs may come to the surface; also she may have to revise her attitude towards her relationships. Regarding her career, it could mean a major shift in her focus, leading her to put effort only into really beneficial projects. No doubt strong-willed Angelina will come out of this stronger than before!

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