Would You Lie About Number of Past Relationships?

Would You Lie About Number of Past Relationships?

When you enter a new relationship that last thing you want to do is talk about your old ones so it’s no wonder that over half of British women the awkward ex’s conversation by lying.

Instead of being honest with their partner, 52 per cent of women said they have lied to their current partner about how many previous partners they’ve had.

In fact, lying about how many partners they’ve had was the number one lie that women are likely to tell in a relationship.

The second biggest lie also revolved around ex’s, with 38 per cent of women saying they have lied about why they split up with their ex.

Despite nearly eight out of ten women admitting to lying in a relationship, two thirds said they thought that lying did cause more arguments.

So why are women lying to their partners? Well, the number one reason was found to be that they thought it would make their partner like them more.

The women surveyed were asked how they would feel if the tables were turned, and the answers weren’t too surprising.

Over half of the women said they would be upset if they found out that their partner had lied to them, with nearly a quarter saying they would be angry.

A surprisingly small 13 per cent said they would stop trusting their partner, and 8 per cent said they would eventually forgive them.

Bobbie Malpass, editor of MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk who conducted the research, said, “I am so surprised that the most common thing women lie about is the number of previous partners they’ve had.

“You hear all the time that the key to a healthy relationship is honesty and trust, but clearly people aren’t abiding by that. If you don’t want to open up about that sort of thing, just don’t mention it at all!”

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