A recent study has found that over half of British woman are disappointed when they receive flowers from their partner as a gift, so we take a look at why this might be.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

They're a waste of money- They don't last- meaning that you can't treasure the gift for the rest of your lives together- you have to throw them in the bin. Better to have something that you can enjoy over and over again.

They die- And what could me more depressing than a gift that loses its life after a few days? To rub in the fact that all your festivities are over and done with.

They're a last resort- If your partner can't think of anything else- flowers from the petrol station are what you end up with. If that's the level of consideration for a gift- it begs the question- why bother at all?

They require no thought- All your loved one has to do is buy a bunch that are alive. That's it- they probably don't even seek out your favourite colour- or maybe they do but it's not a lot to remember.

They're a cliché- Flowers and chocolates have been done- they show that your partner hasn't considered what you really want or need- just what the media convinces them you should have because it's the done thing.

Research by Caption Fragrance Co.

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