Today is National Chilli Day- So if there was ever a day to get your chilly on with your partner, it's today! (And no I don't mean getting cold from being naked)

Chilli con carne- yum!

Chilli con carne- yum!

Kidney beans are good for your sex life- Kidney beans are rich in arginine- which is an amino acid that precedes nitric oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide helps the vessels to dilate making blood flow easier to your genital areas.

A study showed that an arginine supplement increased female desire and the amount of sex she had regardless of whether she was going through the menopause or not.

It's easy- As far as dishes go- this one is fairly simple so even if neither of you is great at cooking- this is a handy one to start with if you want to begin cooking together. Or even if you just want to stay away from oven and microwave food for a night.

You can make it to suit you both- If one of you is a meat eater and the other a veggie- you can make two batches with little tweaks to suit each of you without having to make two completely different evening meals. You can also adjust the spiciness too if one of you likes it hot and the other can't stand spicy food.

You can cook it in bulk- Make a larger portion and you can save the excess for tomorrow night or even freeze it for another occasion. If neither of you enjoy cooking, there's another meal right there for you- all you have to do is pop it in the microwave.

It's cheap- If you want to make it super cheap- then all you need to do is make a veggie version. A can of kidney beans and one of tomatoes, a few spices, an onion and some rice don't set you back a lot so you don't have to worry about this meal breaking the bank.

It's warming- The nights aren't getting any warmer, so indulging in a toasty, home cooked meal will make you both feel better about having to stay in and snuggle up.

Tomatoes are also good for your love life- Tomatoes we named the 'love apples' by the Puritans. They were thought to be a kind of love potion because of their colour- which is commonly associated with excitement and passion. Now we know why- the antioxidant- lycopene enhances libido in both sexes. The scent of tomatoes has also been found to increase blood flow in the penis by 5% too.

It's fast- You don't have to spend hours slaving away at the stove, a quick fry of the onions, throw everything else in and you only have to wait around 20 minutes before it's ready to enjoy. If you have plans you can easily throw this together before you go.

You can combine it with your favourite snack- Hold the tortilla chips for chilli night and make what you're eating more nutritious by combining it with your chilli creation. Movie date nights never looked so good!


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