A bit of fluff is a way of describing someone who's good looking. But if that's all there is to your relationship you are going to struggle to keep it going fellas- here's why:

Sex and looks are just the tip of the iceberg

Sex and looks are just the tip of the iceberg

Looks fade or change- If the only thing that draws you to your partner is their looks- be mindful that they won't look the way they do now forever. Growing old, having family, unexpected illness or accidents can all contribute to your partner looking different while you're together.

Looks are simply an outer layer- What's going on inside? You wouldn't buy a house without walking through the front door first and exploring its rooms. Can you talk to them? Do you connect over shared passions? Do you feel comfortable with them? There are so many things we learn from getting to know someone rather than just admiring their looks.

Looks can be for the validation of others- If you're a good looking couple and people approve of how you look when you're together- this approval will be short lived because you have to go home with that person and put in all the hard work- not them.

Looks are no indicator of how they treat others, or how they'll treat you- When looking for a partner you should always pay attention to how they treat their parent of the opposite sex as this is a good indicator of how they will treat you. If a man is respectful of his mother- he will likely be respectful of a female partner, if a daughter has a good relationship with her father- this is a positive indicator for a male partner.

Looks can be misleading- It's a common misconception that someone who's attractive will have an attractive personality and lifestyle. This is not always the case- beautiful people on the outside and be ugly on the inside and do ugly things with their time.

Looks aren't always honest- Someone's looks might be down to make-up, gel, clothing, styling tools, beauty professionals and copious amounts of time- when all of that is taken away- are they showing you the real them? If they're putting on a cosmetic disguise- what else are they hiding?

Looks don't mean happiness- Like money and material possessions- looks are not an automatic prescription for happiness in a relationship. Happiness comes from that person bringing you sheer joy with who you are right now- not how they look.

Looks are just the beginning- Finding someone you're attracted to is important to kick start a relationship, however, there are so many more elements and layers that you need to peel back to really know if a person if right for you or not.

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