By Jenni Kravitz

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Throughout your lives together, couples will find yourselves invited to both social and corporate events where dancing is a feature. The music starts up and you long to get onto the dance floor, but you don't want to look clumsy and awkward, so you stay seated wishing that you could join in.

Here are ten reasons why couples should try ballroom dancing at least once:

It gives you meaningful time together to connect and bond without the distractions of the everyday life.

It is a hobby that can be truly and equally shared not just while you are learning but into the future.

It means that when the music starts up at an event you can be on the dance floor.

The skills will open doors to wonderful events like balls and dances. Never again will you be left to hug a wall or nurse a drink while others dance the night away.

It promotes trust, confidence and patience in a relationship.

It is a wonderful way to keep fit with something that both parties can enjoy and achieve together.

You can make new friends with similar interests.

It makes you feel alive with laughter and fun.

By doing it together, you will build on your relationship and problem solving skills while working on a project together.

It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

At Simply Dancing Partners we run classes that are just for couples where you are guaranteed to dance with their own partner.

We keep the programme simple with steps that are easy to memorise and perfect.  Most women are delighted to dance with a man who leads a small number of steps accurately and confidently.  We teach several dance styles such as: Social Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Jive, Cha Cha, Samba with routines that fit to most popular party songs.

We have clients whose husband or wife buys the lessons as a gift for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or Valentine’s Day.  They are always delighted and thrilled.

So, sign up for a class and the next time you go to a dance event you will be the couple that everyone else admires and envies.

This is what one of our couples had to say:

“Learning to dance has given us time together away from our moody teenagers.  It combines fitness and fun. For us, dancing is not a chore…we both so look forward to the classes.  We love a challenge and feel so successful when mastering the more difficult steps!

We take pride in achieving a dance routine as a couple: cooperating on getting things right!  We are on a high after every class having laughed a lot together.

We are discovering new music and we have met so many lovely people both teachers and fellow students.

It is infinitely better than eating and drinking on our nights out as there are no hangovers and no weight gain!”

For more information go to: or call 020 3648 0377.

About Jenni Kravitz

As a Business Studies graduate, I always knew that I would run my own company. My first was a Word Processing Agency that I started in 1979 when I saw how magical and powerful the first incarnations of personal computers could be used to automate time-consuming tasks in the office. This led me into a career of teaching people how to use IT effectively.

At school, my favorite subjects were French and Italian and I believe that working with computers is like being an interpreter using these skills. I speak the language of spreadsheets and databases and translate these into understandable English for my clients.

I had danced ballet and jazz from the age of five and throughout my teenage years but gave it up when I got married. It always wanted to get back to it but couldn’t think of a way until my ‘lightbulb moment’ in 2005 after watching Strictly Come Dancing. At the time all I wanted was a way to have a perfect class without fighting to dance with incompetent dancers just because they were men. I never dreamed that in creating a class for myself I would be taking steps towards a life-changing career path that would bring me such joy and at the same time become a way I could earn a living when most people of my age are planning their retirement.