The Maldives?

The Maldives?

‘The Journey of Love’ study found that people go to different destinations to find certain aspects of love, whether it is to get over someone, to find someone else to fall for or to enjoy a bit of meaningless sex; everyone has a relationship motivator behind each of their holiday choices.


But we want to know where the best destinations are for every stage of the journey!


For sex…….


The whole ‘what happens on holiday stays on holiday’ mentality seems to have  a lot of truth to it, with many people believing the change of postcode warrants them to stray behind their partner’s back. Three percent believe that sex with a stranger doesn’t count if they are on another continent.


Unsurprisingly Ibiza is the most popular destination to be unfaithful. Sun, sea, sand and….sex of course. Even if people are in a long term relationship, many feel that they have complete the famous saying. 39% of attached people cannot keep their legs together or their pants on as soon as the they land on the Spanish soil.


One in 20 Brits have cheated on their partner while on holiday according to  In-keeping with the Ibiza trend, 48% of people break up with their partners on holiday’s there, presumably so they can spend their time more wisely and promiscuously.


For flings….


Venice is the most popular location for a holiday fling, with its romantic rides along the river in a gondola, if you are going to bump uglies it might as well be in a beautiful place. It’s all about the story you tell when you get home to make everyone jealous about your Vicky Christina Barcelona moment.


For proposals…….


Some might think it’s cliché but Paris is the place for proposals with 24% believing that this is the best place to pop the question. It’s not called the city of romance for nothing folks. It’s not a shock either that a man would prefer to present their partner with a ring on a big structure in the shape of a phallus.

Hannah Dixon

Age: 24

“I was proposed to in Paris”


Hannah Dixon had been with boyfriend Tom for two years when he surprised her with a long weekend trip to Paris during the Easter Bank Holiday weekend in April 2013. Although the young couple had discussed marriage in passing, Hannah was in no way expecting her surprise weekend to turn into one of the most memorable of her life.


On the Saturday evening, before heading out to dinner, Tom once again showed his romantic side by whipping out an engagement ring and proposing. “It was such a surprise. Tom had been walking around all day with the ring in his coat pocket trying to find the right moment. Paris is such an amazing and romantic city that it’s definitely the place I would have chosen for my proposal” said Hannah.


The couple has not yet set a date or venue for the wedding, but if cost were no issue and their nearest and dearest could be with them, Hannah would love to complete her nuptials in a beautiful beach location, such as The Maldives, but says: “there are some just as beautiful wedding venues in the UK, so I’m happy enough to have it at home.”



For weddings…….


For Brits, there is nothing as tempting as the Maldives to get married in. However, they would choose it not on the basis of the blue skies, golden beaches and sunshine, simply because it would make their friends jealous!


For post break up healing……


New York is the city to visit if you are looking to forget about a break up and take out your post relationship angst with some hard core shopping! Big cities like this one are also places full of opportunity so you can find yourself and reflect on what made you drift apart.


Ciara Baker

Age: 35

“I escaped to South America to get over a break-up. I now live in Buenos Aires, am engaged and have a baby on the way”


When Ciara Baker broke up with her long term boyfriend of over a decade, she decided that a change of scenery was in order and decided to head off travelling to think about her plans for the future.


Ciara kicked off her travels by heading to Chile and Bolivia, before ending up in Buenos Aires, where she took a temporary job at a call centre. After six months, Ciara met Roy (who is native to Buenos Aires) through a mutual friend and the two struck up a close relationship. After just a few months, Roy asked Ciara to move in with him and soon after made the ultimate gesture and proposed - she accepted.


Ciara and Roy have now been together for two years and at the end of 2013 Ciara found out that she was expecting her first child. She is due in May.


“Going travelling was one of the best decisions I ever made. The break-up was quite difficult and I felt the best thing to do was remove myself from the situation and give myself space to think about what I wanted to do next. I never expected to meet someone whilst I was away, let alone fall in love and have a baby on the way, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.”






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