Valentine's Day gets a mixed reaction- some couples love to spoil one another and enjoy their night together doing lavish things, others like to just do cards and play it down while still paying off their Christmas debt. For the single lady- it can be a night of hunkering down with a bar of chocolate and a bottle of wine until it's all over.

Valentine's Day on Female First

Valentine's Day on Female First

For those of you who are looking for a date on this night of all nights- James Preece is at hand along with the to give you some tips.

Self love. It is impossible to allow someone else in to love you when you don't dig yourself first. Focus on what makes you a great date and do not fall into the usual trap of focusing on your negatives or they will too.

Know your destination. Like shopping- know what you are going for- if you don't then you will end up picking someone you don't connect with because you have run out of time.

Be proactive. With 83% of men preferring to arrange dates online- this is a great way to find someone. It gives the world the message that you are in the right place to date and that you are ready to be asked out.

Are you going about it the right way? Have a great profile picture that has you smiling in it, as well as a full face- not covered by sunglasses. Engage in a little gentle flirtation and make sure your profile is different to the next woman on the carousel.

Dating Apps. This is the fastest way to date so pick a really good picture of you as these are based on faces rather than profiles.

Date! Don't see it as a burden- see it as an opportunity to meet new people, try something you have never done before and have fun. You will be the envy of all your attached friends!

Don't give in. There will be good dates and bad dates- you need to know this and accept it before you start. Bad dates are not the end of the world- they are a talking point and also help you whittle down what you don't want in a man.