What are the most common thoughts that go through a woman’s mind before she commits to having sex with a man she’s dating? Taking that big step can be quite daunting so it’s no surprise that her inner monologue is going into overdrive before she takes her clothes off!

What goes through your mind

What goes through your mind

Is he trustworthy?- Can I rely on him not to take a naked pic of me when I’m asleep and post it all over Facebook?

Do we click?- If we don’t click while we are not having sex then why would we when we are?

Can he make me laugh?- If something goes wrong during sex at least we can have a giggle about it!

Will he stick around afterwards?- Or will he just leave looking for his next conquest?

Is he a gentleman?- Will he treat me better than the last one?

Will he like my body? Everything looks worse when it’s not supported! Maybe he will leave once I’m naked…

Do I feel confident and comfortable with him?- It's been a while I might have forgotten how to do it!

Will it be awkward afterwards?- What will we talk about? It? Or something else? But what?

Do they want to get intimate too quickly?- Is three dates too long? Too Few? Will my friends think I'm rushing into things?

Will they get too clingy?- As soon as I do this will he call me to see if I've got out the shower ok? And at regular intervals throughout the day?


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