Musations found that 56% of relationships now end via text message, social media or email- sad but true. 73% of attached people said that they would be slightly peeved if they were dumped via these means and it doesn't take much to understand why. For those who can't find the right words, or any words at all to tell their partner how they feel- the new app by Musations does it all for you.

Send your ex a song!

Send your ex a song!

With a library of over 50 million music tracks you can use a song to express how you are feeling about your loved- or not so loved one. Forget the awkward conversations of 'but I love yous' and 'is there someone else?'. It omits any of the excuse making and the inevitable 'where did it all go wrong?' deconstruction of your relationship.

Here are six ways to use the app:

If you miss your ex- 'Someone Like You' by Adele is concise and lets you take the high ground.

If you want to celebrate your new single status- A song like 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams can reinforce the point that your relationship was really dragging you down. Not anymore.

If you want to use angry words- 'F**k It' (I don't want you back) by Eamon is pretty strong but there is no confusion after hearing this one!

If you want to tell your ex that you're never going back there- 'We are never ever getting back together' by Taylor Swift is as direct as they come and if they didn't get it the first time, it's ok, she repeats it a LOT so they will by the end of the song.

If you want your ex to know that a break up won't mend your problems- 'If You're Not the One' by Daniel Beddingfield could convey this message if you were 90s sweethearts.

If no songs express your thoughts- Record your own and send it to them- that way you get everything in that you want to say or are feeling.