Taylor Swift, born 13 December 1989, Wyomissing/PA, USA at 8.36 am/unverif.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Just ask anyone who knows Taylor Swift, and most likely the answer will be the exact same: "She is just the best!" Well, apart from being a Sagittarius - who naturally always aim to achieve the best possible! -, let's take a look at Taylor's chart to find out what makes her so totally awesome. The 33-year-old singer's birth time unfortunately is unverified, but she most likely has her Ascendant in Capricorn. Its ruler Saturn, the career planet, is not far away, which means she gets a proper double ration of determination! Under Saturn's reign, the US pop sensation also comes across as really mature, disciplined and self-dependent.

Mercury, Neptune and Uranus all claim very striking positions as well, making her literally sparkle with creativity and imagination and taking away much of the typical sternness and seriousness of Capricorn's energy. This girl knows how to have fun, and she's got a personality that just cannot be overlooked! Versatile Mercury rules communication, language and expression, and here it speaks of quite an impressive way with words. All that critical praise regarding Taylor's songwriting skills - also coming from the likes of her ex Harry Styles - is certainly well deserved. Add to that the honesty of Taylor's ever-improving and expanding Sagittarius sun and thanks to Uranus her ability to change her style and look in the blink of an eye, and you'll get an idea of what fuels her success.

In contrast to this rather bubbly and turbulent side of her character, her Moon sign is emotional, cuddly and sensitive Cancer. Cancer Moon people have a gift to make you feel so comfortable and at home, especially when it's placed like in Taylor's chart, meaning she tends to quickly open up and let others slip into really private parts of her inner world. She knows how to win people over in no time and she actually cares about their feelings and needs. Besides supporting her feisty and adventurous Sagittarius side, her Moon being closely linked up with generous Jupiter makes her that much more loving. She can be quite a domestic person, too. In fact, the Shake it off singer feels most at home when meeting new people. Almost as if to deliver proof, she didn't hesitate to invite fans on twitter over to her house to listen to demo tracks of her album 1989, chatting to them about her love life and serving them home-made biscuits. A brilliant PR move indeed, but it's such a Cancerian thing and so very her! That constellation, again with quirky Uranus in the mix, favours vibrant relationships as well - lots of them. And Taylor's Venus in Aquarius shows that she is eager to try out new things and likes an enthusiastic approach. Jupiter and Uranus' current influences bring out her best bits - and more awesomeness for sure!

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