May Ray Day is about being outside and enjoying the sunshine- soaking up those rays and celebrating the joy of being able to embrace the outdoors after winter. We have come up with ten ideas for you and your partner to mark this day.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Have a BBQ- Grab some BBQ food from your local store and throw them on the grill. Enjoy with a summer salad and a refreshing non-alcoholic drink (it is a work night after all).

Eat your evening meal outside- You may not be up for the effort of a BBQ, so why not prepare something in your kitchen and serve it alfresco on your balcony or in your back garden?

Get out those loungers- Dust off your garden chairs, get a couple of drinks and a good book and read until the light no longer allows.

Take your chat outside- If your routine is to make a brew and have a chat from your couch- why not take this outside instead? There is no point being cooped up indoors when the weather is as lovely as it is.

Do a spot of gardening together- Your garden is bound to look a little shabby after the winter months so one of you could cut the lawn while the other takes the weeds out of the border.

Dust off the chiminea- If it's been a good year since you burned some wood and watched the bubbling embers it might be time to do so again. If it is a chilly night- it will keep you lovely and warm.

Have a picnic- If the weather allows- why not have a picnic on your lawn instead of at the table? You could prepare all of your goodies in the kitchen, pop them in basket and enjoy them in a more relaxed setting.

Spend some time with your pets in the clean air- If you have animals at home and tend to leave them to their own devices when they're outside- it might be time to sit out and interact with them outdoors rather than waiting till they are ready to come back inside.

Set up a bird feeder- If your garden is lacking in wildlife, you might decide to encourage some with a bird feeder or bird bath- then sit back and watch them splashing about or filling their bellies.

Plant your first plant/flower- If neither of you are a keen gardener- a hardy potted plant might brighten up your garden. But if you both are- this could be the perfect moment to start making your borders look a little more colourful.

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Get a take away for tea- There is no such thing as washing up, loading the dishwasher or cooking on this day so treat yourself to some food that's delivered straight to your door...

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