has found the one in twelve married men will be giving a gift to someone other than their partners this Valentine’s day. So the story from Love Actually is true. Let me set the scene for those who have not watched it: A couple who have been together for a while- kids, house, marriage- the whole package- and the wife finds a necklace in her husband’s pocket assuming it’s for her. It’s not, it’s for his filthy bit on the side at work and all she gets is a cd! If I get a Joni Mithchell album for Valentine’s Day I know that my fella is bumping uglies with a woman from the office.

Valentine's Day on Female First

Valentine's Day on Female First

Co-workers are the highest receivers of presents from married men getting novelty gifts and chocolates to keep them quiet about their extra marital affairs.

Many think that Valentine’s Day is designed for couples who are loved up and want to show it with gifts, meals and cards- they would be right. However there are a small minority that are buying gifts twice over- for their partner and for their mistress. Affairs are an expensive game to play guys, is it really worth it?

The most popular present for a man to get their partner is flowers, chocolates, or dinner out; however women are more likely to cook a meal at home for their partner as their present- it’s the thought that counts! Besides ours are all pity presents anyway- ‘Sorry darling I’m banging my secretary, but here are some chocolates to make you fatter so I will find you even less attractive than I do now!’

Women might assume and rightly so, that these other gifts are given to a woman at work whom their partner is having an affair with; well why wouldn’t they?! However this is not the case- yeah right!

For many men there is no romantic suggestion in the gift at all (just sexual then?), with a female co-worker benefitting from the gift giving traditions. Novelty gifts, chocolates, wine, champagne, flowers or cuddly toys are the common gestures to come their way. Along with other things too I’m sure.   

Despite the admittance of it being a non-romantic gesture, 58% would still not tell their partner about the gift (the proof is in the pudding), however 32% will be open and honest with their partner of their intentions- I will assume artistic licence with this one.  

I can say with some certainty if my husband came home and said he was buying roses for one of his female co-workers, I wouldn’t take it all too well. In fact I might be hauled off the premises for making her lady box look like the castle grounds in Sleeping Beauty.

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