CCheck out if you are making any mistakes!

CCheck out if you are making any mistakes!

It is advisable that on a first date you do make a real effort with your appearance; however the things that you think are most appealing to the opposite sex are actually the things that can repel your date from making another one with you. looked into which items of clothing are really putting men off!


  1. UGG Boots- even though they are like wearing slippers while you are out and about, many women have taken to wearing them on all manner of occasions like walks in the park or dinner with a date. The thing is they are not the most flattering of footwear; they don’t show off your shapely ankles or painted toes and they make footsie almost impossible to feel. 76% of Lovestruck men hate UGG boots and 52% think that they are unoriginal.


  1. Harem pants- these are perfect for hiding those bits that you don’t particularly like but 33% of men think that they should be rebranded as ‘nappy trousers.’


  1. Gladiator sandals and pumps: Sandals and pumps do not accentuate your legs to their best effect when worn with skirts, according to 45% of men, however 46% said that they were acceptable with trousers or jeans.


  1. Dungarees: 67% of men believe that this item of clothing does absolutely nothing for your figure and hides all of those lovely curves, 55% said that they should be banned.


  1. Oversized sunnies: They say, “Why would women want to hide their face and eyes under a pair of sunglasses that makes them look like ‘the fly’? 57% think celebrities look silly in them too. It also stops you from making that valuable eye contact to let you know that you are attracted to your date!


  1. Fake tan: 56% of Lovestruck men hate dark fake tan. 49% think that it makes you look cheap and 34% believe that it is a direct link to your intelligence. The more fake tan you pile on the lower your IQ! 65% said that sun kissed is just fine, but 55% said that au natural and a fresh glow to your skin is the most attractive.


  1. Fake lashes:  77% of men surveyed admitted to hating the heavy wearing a spider on your eyes look (TOWIE) Again, the majority, 71%, favoured a natural flutter. How can you give someone a butterfly kiss with those tacked onto your eyes??


The girls answered back and 47% said that they would not take on board the men’s comments and wear what they want to on a date if they are comfortable. 59% said that their date should accept them for the things that they like about them as well as those that they don’t.




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